The Mutual Credit Clearing System: An Idea to avoid the consequences of financial crises in Business

We are so accustomed to using and needing money for everything that we find it hard to imagine how we could operate without it. And is yet worse in the business world. What if I tell you that for 80 years a group of small and medium Swiss entrepreneurs exchange goods and services between them…

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Money and Sustainability: Why is it a misunderstood relationship?

    In today’s world money is important for us to make business transactions easily. We work in order to buy things that are important to us, in the end, who wouldn’t want to live well? Regardless of whether or not you are a person who works with issues related to sustainability and sustainable development,…

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Sustainability School came to California – Or how we presented our eBook “New Money for Sustainability” to our friends and colleagues around the world

They say we can’t go through life without planting a tree, having a child and writing a book. I already had the opportunity to plant many trees (especially mangroves on the Pacific Coast in my beautiful Costa Rica). I have a four footed hairy daughter and many godchildren (human and nonhuman) and well, I couldn’t…

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New money for Sustainability: an eBook to Transform your ideas about Money and Sustainability

What is money? How is it created? And what is the relationship between money and the sustainability of our planet? These are some of the questions answered in the book “New Money for Sustainability”. The book recently written by our founders, Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho Brazilian and Costa Rican Karla Córdoba Brenes, was published by Sustainability.School…

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Dollar Standard: A Short Introduction to the International Monetary System

The international monetary system dollar standard replaced the defunct Bretton Woods system in 1973. This system is characterized by structural defects that are causing periods of economic growth and economic crises,  in both isolated countries and  as a group, as is the case of the crisis in the United States in 2007 that is negatively…

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Sustainability School at the ABCR Festival 2016 – São Paulo, Brasil

On the past May 6, 2016 , our co -founders Karla and  Ranulfo presented an exciting and visionary theme in the 8th Festival ABCR organized by the Brazilian Association of Fundraisers (ABCR) , the most important fundraising event in Brazil. Their presentation was titled “The Future (or present?) Of Fundraising: Criptocurrencies” The presentation began offering…

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teal organizations

Teal Organizations: More Sustainable Organizations?

Today I want to share with you a little bit about an interesting concept we discovered thanks to Frederic Laloux and his book Reinventing Organizations (a great article about this here): the Teal Organizations proposal. A transformative idea which is deeply related to the essence of Sustainability School. Or at least, that is what we…

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A Costa Rican community has its own solidarity currency

Today I want to share a note that was published by one Costa Rican news channel, about the experience of the community  of Grecia using its own solidarity currency: the UDI. You can see the video and the original note on the site of Teletica (Costa Rican local news channel). I’m excited to know that…

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Woman of Time

Hace un año publiqué una versión de este artículo en Linkedin y lo comparto con ustedes por acá para conmemorar este Día Internacional de la Mujer, hoy 8 de marzo.   Desde hace tiempo conozco acerca de la dinámica de los Bancos de Tiempo o Time Banks pero hoy quiero rescatar un detalle que me sorprendió agradablemente sobre…

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Dinero y Norte Valores

Money and North

Since we are small we are taught to study in order to be men or women of profit, which basically means nothing more than having a good job and earning good money, the more the better. On television we are bombarded with advertisements that associate happiness to our ability to consume, that is, to the…

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