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FIX-UP: a new type of money based on your Good Environmental Actions

Fix-Up app is a technological prototype of a currency based on the good environmental actions of its users.

FIXs are a type of money that is created every time a good action is registered and approved by the system. We could say that it is money based on your good environmental actions, not in debt.

By using the Fix-Up mobile application, users record their good environmental actions according to different categories. Depending on the complexity and impact of each good action, the app will create and credit the points, called FIX, to the respective user account.

Each user, in turn, may transfer its FIX to affiliated businesses in exchange for environmentaly responsible products or services (healthy, organic products, services that reduce our ecological footprint), or other users (individuals and non-profit organizations ).

Read more about Fix-Up (in Spanish)

Complementary Currencies to solve socio ecological problems? -The $ustento case

Among the factors responsible for the difficulties and failures of environmental policies pointed out in the literature, is the fact that many policy instruments depend on the same type of money circulating in the world economy, money created by a system with structural failures.

In this sense, the objective of the paper is to show the potential of the complementary currencies as an instrument of environmental policy seeking to solve complex socioecological problems through a prototype denominated $ustento, designed to assist in the recovery of native vegetation in agricultural properties.

The governance of complementary currencies such as the $ustento may have mixed institutional structures, with the participation of NGOs, governments, companies, which allow the creation and management of complementary currencies less vulnerable to monetary interventions of central banks.

Report Download (in Spanish)

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